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Program Rates 2017

chavin style jaguar in chacanaDawn of Eden® offers three options with regard to its Ayahuasca retreats. Participants can choose between our flagship Two-Week, Four-Ceremony program, our Ten-Day, Three-Ceremony program or our recently added One-Week, Two-Ceremony program. These options are currently available with special limited-time pricing.

We are currently working with small groups (six people or less). Our rooms are double occupancy (two persons per room).

Flagship Two-Week, Four-Ceremony Program     Normal Price $2775    (Special Pricing $1975)

Ten-Day, Three-Ceremony Program     Normal Price $2275    (Special Pricing $1481.25)

One-Week, Two-Ceremony Program     Normal Price $1387.50    (Special Pricing $987.50)

Important information regarding Dawn of Eden® programs:

17 (Copiar)Many Ayahuasca centers try to dazzle prospective participants with the quantity of ceremonies offered—a “more is better” enticement that is almost always counterproductive. Generally, little or no concern is given to optimizing the frequency of ceremonies so participants might obtain the most favorable results.

It is common, for example, to see ten-day, or two–week, programs jammed with ceremonies (usually held every other day, sometimes even on consecutive days!). We consider this to be a sacrilege—a disrespect for the sacred medicine which borders on obscene (and a blatant abuse of participant’s bodies). This unfortunate “cramming ceremonies together” tactic is an inappropriate outgrowth of the “Ayahuasca tourism” phenomenon.

Mother Ayahuasca is about healing and personal transformation. For this to take place in a desirable fashion, one’s body needs ample opportunity for rest and recuperation between ceremonies. Moreover, one needs time to integrate (mentally and emotionally) what has transpired from one ceremony to the next. This is especially true when engaging work on the level one encounters at Dawn of Eden®.

The focus of our sacred alliance with Spirit is to achieve maximum results during each ceremony. For this reason, our program schedule is restricted to having two ceremonies per week, the first ceremony being on Tuesday, the second on Friday. This gives our program participants sufficient time for rest, recuperation and integration between works. Additionally, our choice of these two ceremonial days is not by chance. In shamanic circles, Tuesdays and Fridays have long been known as optimal days to have the best connection with Spirit. We take this knowledge to heart.


Partial scholarships are available to those who qualify: Dawn of Eden® does a significant amount of pro bono work for the local community of Iquitos. From time to time, we offer partial scholarships to prospective participants from around the world who could benefit from our work but are in need of some financial assistance. You may apply for such a partial scholarship if you feel the need.


ChavinDawn of Eden® is the only fully licensed shamanic center in Iquitos that is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. The Dawn of Eden Church® is the only church in Peru dedicated to the transformation of human consciousness utilizing the sacred plants Ayahuasca and Huachuma as a sacrament.

Dan Reynolds, Dawn of Eden®



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