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The Dawn of Eden Shamanic Center

chavin style jaguar in chacanaEntering the Dawn of Eden® Shamanic Center is like entering a monastery because the energy one encounters is sacred. It is a preeminent destination for those seeking spiritual transformation of the highest order. The center was built from the ground up to provide upscale accommodations and all the comforts of home in graceful surroundings conducive to one’s ability to achieve their full potential in our transformational work.

Iquitos is the Ayahuasca capital of the world. Scores of ceremonies take place in homes across the city and lodges in the surrounding jungle on any given weeknight. Some of these facilities are quite nice. Others are shoddily constructed accommodations that are uncomfortable or lack sanitation in food preparation, bathing facilities, or toilets. Some have little or no protection from mosquitoes which adds greatly to one’s discomfort. And, many have inadequate security to ensure the safety of guests’ belongings.

A relaxed, carefree state of being is highly desirable if one wishes to optimize their spiritual growth. The shamanic work itself is challenging enough. It doesn’t have to be undertaken in unpleasant or uncomfortable surroundings which can serve as an impediment to one’s ability to progress in the work.

Our ceremonial maloca is well ventilated but screened to restrict mosquitoes. There are far fewer mosquitoes in Iquitos than in the surrounding jungle but precautions are still necessary. Contracting malaria in Iquitos, or the jungle surrounding the city, is very rare but insect bites of any kind can be a major distraction.

Rest is important when engaging shamanic work on the level you will find at Dawn of Eden®. Each two-person room includes top-of-the line mattresses, ceramic-tile floors, overhead ceiling fan and air conditioning for those hot, sultry days one encounters in the Amazon. Each of the guest bedrooms has a closet and private bathroom with hot and cold water. Wi-Fi is available throughout the complex and each bedroom is equipped with a 32-inch flat screen television so you can connect your laptop.

Delicious vegetarian fare is prepared for every meal and chicken or fish are served throughout our programs. Salads and an assortment of fruits complement daily menus along with tasty snacks and fruit-juices known as refrescos. Meals are prepared with purified water in a modern kitchen and purified water is always available for drinking.

Those who prefer to travel light will be pleased to know we have an in-house laundry facility with very reasonable rates.

Participants can enjoy relaxing massages during their leisure time (between ceremonies). There’s much to see and do in Iquitos if you plan to stay beyond your program dates to take in the sites. (see Tips for Visiting Iquitos , The Iquitos Gallery and The Belen Market Gallery).

At night, amber hallway lights accent the charm of Dawn of Eden’s® Spanish-hacienda design providing a warm, homey feel to the already cozy environment. Dawn of Eden® is ideal for those pursuing shamanic work of the highest order in a center with unparalleled standards for comfort and security.

Security is important

Armed robbery and assaults are practically unheard of in Iquitos but home and business owners alike must take ample precaution against thieves. We’ve spared no expense in the security systems put in place so our guests can have peace of mind.

You can visit The Dawn of Eden Shamanic Center Gallery for a closer look at our facilities and security measures.


ChavinDawn of Eden® is the only fully licensed shamanic center in Iquitos that is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. The Dawn of Eden Church® is the only church in Peru dedicated to the transformation of human consciousness utilizing the sacred plants Ayahuasca and Huachuma as a sacrament.

Dan Reynolds, Dawn of Eden®


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