Jaguar Temple

Temple of the Jaguar – unique in the world for combining ancient science with modern science – created to help heal body, mind and spirit with the use of master plants.

The work in the Temple of the Jaguar is designed for people who desire a greater alignment with their divine nature, their true and authentic higher self and for those who awaken to a higher purpose in the service of humanity.

Whether you are new to using the master plants Ayahuasca y Huachuma or a seasoned veteran.

You will be delighted to meet the Temple of the Jaguar in Iquitos, Peru. We are not a jungle retreat center and not an ordinary one either.

The ceremonial space of the temple is full of magical energy

Photos of the Temple of the Jaguar
  • templo segundo piso
  • segundo piso
  • templo jaguar
  • templo
  • templo
  • primer piso templo
  • maloca ceremonial
  • jaguar chamán y shipibo

The miraculous power of such energies provide a supreme catalyst for evolutionary change.

And combined with the sacred Ayahuasca and Huachuma from the Temple of the Jaguar, they provide the perfect opportunity to achieve deep cleansing, spiritual purification and personal growth.

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