An “End-Times” message for Dawn of Eden Facebook followers (Posted to Facebook on July 25, 2018)

Those familiar with Dawn of Eden are aware that we are engaged in a human/spirit collaboration known as the Dawn of Eden Project. This celestial initiative is spiritually uplifting as the deities plan to assist humanity by ushering in what’s commonly referred to as the “Golden Age.”

However, as noted on our website, the deities’ revelation of this astounding initiative has been, fatefully, accompanied by notice of an ominous nature. Namely, the age of enlightenment will be ushered in as humanity endures the so-called, “End-Times.”

Those who are paying attention to International news feeds are likely growing increasingly aware of the escalation of natural disasters. This includes the devastating floods and landslides, the deadly raging wild fires, the intensified volcanic activity, etc. The world is currently experiencing killer heat waves on four continents as exemplified with scores of deaths and tens of thousands hospitalized in Japan. All of this heightened disaster activity is consistent with the information the deities instructed us to share with our audience on our “Darkness before the Dawn” web page.

In this current messaging, the deities have given us permission to share a significant milestone relative to these End-Times scenarios. On Friday, July 27, 2018, there will be a full-moon lunar eclipse. Following this eclipse the natural disasters the world is experiencing will begin to step up dramatically (in both frequency and severity).

More specifically, there will be an increase in natural disasters that have much greater destruction and significantly higher death tolls. Notably, the ripple effects from these catastrophic mega events (economic and otherwise) will be more widespread. As well, the consequential wars that have been on Dawn of Eden’s radar for some time now are growing more imminent.

None of this is good news for humanity. Nonetheless, we are grateful to the deities for giving us the opportunity to share this “heads-up” information with our website and Facebook followers. The gods and goddesses overseeing humanity are keenly aware of the challenges we are facing, and they are dedicated to guiding us through these arduous times.

The End-Times will not be the end of the world. Though, in essence, the world we have known—the existing cultural paradigm—is coming to an end to make way for something new—a world with spiritual underpinnings. The Universe requires a fresh canvas—a different world-stage—upon which to usher in a “Golden Age.” Humanity’s priorities will be re-aligned in support of a new cultural paradigm with positive changes for the age of enlightenment.

Dawn of Eden will have a special ceremony Friday, July the 27th to receive the energies of the full-moon lunar eclipse and offer our prayers for humanity. Those so inclined, may wish to do something in recognition of this event as well. This will not be your normal lunar eclipse.

Blessings to all from the Dawn of Eden staff

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