Dawn of Eden

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Hello friends before book to retreat with us, check out the ceremonial maloca, the rooms and the facilities of our center in the following photos.

Our shamanic center is located near the center of the main square of the city of Iquitos, specifically 11 minutes away by car. Our intention in creating our ayahausca center was to give you the participant as much comfort as possible before, during and after your experience with ayahuasca, in this way you will not worry about mosquitoes, or something happens when you want to use the services hygienic during the ayahuasca ritual.

Ceremonial Maloca


Dawn of Eden Center


To know more about dates, months and to have more details about your ayahuasca retreat, send us a message or call us that we will contact you, thank you.

Our cell phone number is 928218512. If calling internationally, preface the cell number with 51.

Dan Reynolds and Denis Montes

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