The Egyptian Deities


“The stage is set for a quantum advancement in the evolution of human consciousness.”


Egyptian DeitiesFor many, Egyptian deities exist solely as legend and myth originating in tales from ancient times. The idea supernatural beings could have roamed the Earth is an unfathomable notion to many with a modern-day mindset. Honestly, it may be a greater challenge yet for some to imagine such deities continue to exist in contemporary times. Skeptics will consider this fanciful, but those in the know insist this knowledge—what some consider belief—is actual reality and beyond dispute. While Egyptian deities are not wandering the planet in present times, they exist. They oversee, guide and inspire humankind from spiritual realms.

In times past, the deities, operating with various names in different countries, placed considerable emphasis on civilizing humanity. This included imparting knowledge about arts and sciences; mathematics, astrology, calendars, urban living, social skills and so much more. They also conferred critical know-how for survival disciplines such as farming, agriculture, irrigation systems, metallurgy, textile-making, and so on.

Without question, the deities are responsible, in wide-ranging ways, for shaping the evolution and spiritual trajectory of modern man. Now, once again, they are extending a hand. Their current gesture, the Dawn of Eden® Project, is a carefully orchestrated initiative to impart the crowning jewel of enlightenment unto humanity.


Egyptian Deities


The Impeccable Timing of the Universe


“This beneficial-to-humanity phenomenon takes place in long-term cycles (every 13,000 years) in accordance with celestial time frames of the “Zodiacal clock.”


Egyptian DeitiesThe Universe works with impeccable timing in matters related to spiritual growth (for individuals and humanity as a whole). Our sun is coming into a rare alignment with the galactic core, the dark rift of the Milky Way. This beneficial-to-humanity phenomenon takes place in long-term cycles (every 13,000 years) in accordance with celestial time frames of the “Zodiacal clock.”

To illuminate the spiritual significance of this infrequent alignment, one must first comprehend the nature of the energetic wave-forms emanating from the galactic core. These wave-forms, in their very essence, function as ascension frequencies. Such frequencies are capable of intensifying the evolutionary impulse in increasing numbers of the world’s population. Additionally, people function like cosmic-antennas through their chakra systems. In cell-phone parlance, humans are moving from having a meager signal strength [in their connection to spirit] to having an optimum five-bar connection.

This oversimplified metaphor/analogy is not far off the mark. The stage is set for a quantum advancement in the evolution of human consciousness. If you feel “called” to deepen your connection to spirit, rest assured, the time is right.


Egyptian Deities

Egyptian Deities



Egypt in the Amazon


Dawn of Eden’s temple-complex is a veritable oasis of transformational energy. Paintings, infused with the transcendent energy of each deity respectively, are hanging throughout the sanctuary. There are more of these magical paintings than wall space to accommodate them. Nevertheless, more deity-compositions are lined up to follow as funding permits. One by one, deities not yet present will unveil themselves to reveal their patronage of this spiritually uplifting celestial initiative.


Egyptian Deities

Egyptian Deities






Reference to “Egyptian deities” is meant to acknowledge the majority of deities known to be championing the Dawn of Eden Project, at present, are from the Egyptian culture. However, many of the deities fostering the initiative are from “the olden times.” This includes highly revered deities from the Sumerian culture (and before) which preceded the Egyptian civilization. As well, other esteemed deities supporting the project were from countries outside the Middle East.

To view more photos of the sanctuary, visit The Dawn of Eden Shamanic Center Gallery.


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