Testimony of Gulnaz and Elia

Testimony of Gulnaz and Elia


I heard a lot about Ayahuasca. Many friends tried it and have different thoughts about it. I always thought that if I was going to drink this medicine, it would be in the mother earth of plants, in the Amazon.

We found (I traveled with my boyfriend) the Dawn of Eden shamanic center in Iquitos by chance and after meeting and talking with Denis and Dan they confirmed that we would take our first Ayahuasca there. Dan is a really lovely man, very smart and intelligent.

He is open to help, understanding, has great experience with science and meditation. Dan is also very practiced in the use of medicinal plants, especially Ayahuasca. It was very interesting talking to him.

Dan Reynolds – Ascended master

Denis has an amazing story of his life. The way he came to Ayahuasca and became a warrior was simply incredible. I hope that one day he decides to write a book about it.

Well, coming closer to my experience. Before we started the ceremony, we talked a lot about how it’s safe what to expect and everything, and for me it was good because under the effect of Ayahuasca I couldn’t control much what was happening.

As Dan said well: you become very open. And it is important to have a good and reliable shaman! We were lucky for it. So on Tuesday night we had our ceremony and it was far, far from what we expected. Ayahuasca enters the depths of you, it is knowing everything about you.

First, when the medicine started to work, I was scared, as I said before, you are very open. I was trying to fight with my mind trying to stop my feelings but it just wasn’t possible to do it, you can’t fight with Ayahuasca because you are basically fighting yourself! It took me a while to accept and give up on the plant and it’s actually for the best.

Ayahuasca shows me my vices in which thoughts I am getting entangled. It shows me connection with my mother and with my boyfriend. I felt like them, what are they thinking, why are they behaving like this. When I finally understand and accept what Ayahuasca teaches me, I vomit.

Trust me that was the best part of the night. After this I felt very calm, warm and totally at peace. The rest of the ceremony I was in this meditative mood. Ayahuasca is a very powerful medicine. It is showing you the truth about yourself. is cleaning you.

But you must be strong to see everything. I’m glad I tried Ayahuasca, now I can correct myself and be happier, actually I’m already happier. I am grateful to Dan and Denis for this amazing experience.


I’m Elia, I’m from Italy. I would like to say that my experience with Ayahuasca is one of the things that I would suggest to friends and family, it is a very deep work with the body and mind. This is my testimony.

The first thirty minutes, a strong feeling of nausea, and suddenly a very powerful connection with my inner animal (Jaguar) that was purging from my entire body, a part of what was inside me.

After a few seconds I start to feel very light, and my mind of having a kind of black vision starts to calm down and then the vision of something beautiful and very colorful like a mandala appeared in front of me. Thank you.

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