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Lukasz Chmielewski


Lukasz Chmielewski Testimonial

Ayahuasca was calling me and my wife, so we went to the heart of the experience which was Peru in Aug 2017.

A trip that we will never forget and always be grateful for which brought us closer than ever before and transformed us in a way that we would not even have known about.

Before heading to the jungle for a 7 day Ayahuasca retreat, we had to stay in Iquitos which was a city in the amazon, which was an amazing experience and very eye opening.

During our stay we were having lunch at the Dawn of the Amazon Café which is amazing spot to eat.

We met a man by the name of Dan Reynolds which during our conversation found out that he was a Shaman and one thing lead to another and he invited us to his Ayahuasca retreat grounds (Dawn of Eden) right in the city.

First off his grounds were amazing, it was a very secure location and the construction and architecture was very nice and clean, the accommodations where very roomy and there were these two majestic cats that were always there, which they had very good energy.

This was our first Ayahuasca ceremony and we were both excited and nervous because this was not even in our plans but it just felt right and I am glad today that we went along with it.

The Ayahuasca temple was very nice and safe, there was always a person there throughout the ceremony to assist you if you needed any help to go to the bathroom.

Master Shaman Dan and Shaman Denis Montes made it very comfortable for us during the whole ceremony which was amazing, words cannot even explain how you feel during the whole experience it’s definitely the best money ever spent for self-healing in such a short time, I will definitely do this again.

Overall our visit at Dawn of Eden was amazing.

Both Dan and Denis are amazing people which they really make you feel safe and comfortable.

We also met their families which was really nice, because they are such wonderful good hearted people. It has been almost two years since our trip there and we are still in contact with Dan and Denis and those memories will last forever which I will always be grateful for.

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