Missiles, experiments in secret laboratories and more in ayahausca vision

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The ceremony started, I drank the medicine and waited 20 to 25 minutes for the medicine to start working. I began to feel the connection with the ayahuasca mother, I felt her energy and magic, it was indescribable. I started having visions:

First vision

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I saw the ayahuasca mother in ceremony, a beautiful giant snake known locally as boa or anaconda, hearing her voice in my mind said: “Welcome guys, it’s a pleasure to see you again in ceremony and that you continue to grow shamanically”, then she retired.

Second Vision

The ayahuasca mother took me to different cities in the world, I visited cities in China, Russia and the United States, each of those cities were identifiable by their architecture, people and culture.

Third Vision

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I was taken to a place, it was desert, I couldn’t identify it since it was all dark, it was night. I began to hear explosions in the sky and I could see that they were rockets or missiles that exploded in the air, with the magic of ayahuasca I began to rise to see them closely in the air, they were rockets crashing against each other in the sky.

Fourth Vision

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In this fourth vision the connection took me to a very strange place, it seemed like a laboratory or a place where secret experiments were being carried out. In one of the areas of the place I saw how a woman was submerged in a kind of swimming pool and outside of it there were two people with very strange suits, similar to those used by astronauts. They took data from the woman who was in the swimming pool, such as her heart rate and other data on her vital signs. I kept thinking about how the people who took this data were dressed.

Seconds later I saw a woman giving birth in a room in the place, but this room was strange, it had the shape or architecture like a capsule or dome-shaped room.

This woman had given birth to a baby with a strange skin color, in that room, apart from her mother, there was a nurse and a doctor, but again with strange costumes that I did not give much importance to.

It was at that moment that my jaguar master came to ask me about these visions that I was having, if I managed to understand what I was seeing, I said not and he said:

“Pay more attention to the details, look at the costumes they are wearing. You can get closer, they can’t see you or feel you ”

As I approached this capsule I was able to cross it like a ghost crosses the walls of a room, finding myself inside the room after a few seconds, but being inside I began to have problems breathing even the temperature was very high, I felt that my skin was burning, it was like being exposed to the sun in the desert completely unprotected.

I could not resist it and left the place, my jaguar master asked me:

“What did you think of all that?”

I told him that everything is strange and he said:

“Keep looking at what else is in that room”

I realized that the “doctors” were using special suits with oxygen balloons to breathe, there were different computers measuring different things as temperature, atmospheric pressure, the suits were those used to protect themselves in cases of contamination by bacteria or viruses.

All those details were very surprising and when I realized that they were experimenting with the mother, the jaguar master told me:


He continued saying this:

“At the moment there are private companies conducting experiments with people about what it would be like to reproduce and give birth in environments outside the planet, such as in space, on the moon or other planets, in these cameras they are recreating atmospheric conditions of those places and how it would affect the process of pregnancy, the fetus and the newborn child. This means that the mother is hired and in strict secrecy to be part of these experiments that would be forbidden from going to light due to lack of ethics and morals”

All I said was incredible.

Fifth Vision

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This last vision was that the ayahuasca mother took me to a beach in the United States, it was full of people, some swimming and others relaxing on the shore. I heard a person say something but I couldn’t understand what he said but he made a large group leave the beach very quickly, those who came out were scared of something, then I heard a person say “nothing is going to happen, we are not leaving ”, This group stayed enjoying the beach.

Seconds later I saw myself at the north pole, in Antarctica, I was on a huge block of ice but I didn’t feel cold, I didn’t understand why Ayahuasca took me there. I heard a very loud sound, as if something were breaking and I saw a huge piece of ice detach from this giant ice island, I began to float on this piece of ice in the ocean, moving away very fast from the original block of ice.

When I was very far away and drifting I saw that the sun began to shine very strongly and I began to realize that the rays of the sun were melting very quickly the ice on which I was standing, in a matter of minutes all the ice had melted becoming one with the ocean, I was like floating on the ocean.

Seconds later I returned to the beach and the group I mentioned above was still enjoying the beach, but everyone looked in the direction where I was, no one could see what was happening behind them, only me.

It was then when I saw how a strong wind or an expansive wave was approaching them very quickly, nobody noticed that and when It touched the beach, everyone, absolutely all of them froze as if they were ice sculptures, I did not receive more information about this vision, after this I returned to the ceremonial maloca.

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