Program Rates - Dawn of Eden:Ayahuasca Retreats

Program Rates


chavin style jaguar in chacanaDawn of Eden® offers three options with regard to its Ayahuasca retreats. Participants may choose between our Two-Week, Four-Ceremony program, our Ten-Day, Three-Ceremony program or our recently added One-Week, Two-Ceremony program. These options are currently available with special pricing with regard to room accommodations and Ayahuasca ceremonies. This pricing does not include food services. Wholesome meals are available at the Dawn of Eden shamanic center at reasonable prices. Alternatively, participants may elect to dine at the Dawn on the Amazon restaurant which offers a wide variety of well-prepared menu options. 

Dawn of Eden will be hosting some outings during the course of its programs (depending on weather conditions and other factors) for those who would like to see some interesting sites in and around Iquitos. Such outings are optional but affordably priced.

We are currently working with small groups (six people or less). Our rooms are double occupancy (two persons per room) and the special pricing is based upon double occupancy. Participants may request a private room at an additional cost of $200 for our Two-Week Program, $150 dollars for our Ten-Day Program, or $100 dollars for our One-Week Program.

Special Rates for Room Accommodations and Ayahuasca Ceremonies.

Two-Week, Four-Ceremony Program  $800.00 (double occupancy) $1000.00 (private room)

Ten-Day, Three-Ceremony Program    $600.00 (double occupancy) $750.00 (private room)

One-Week, Two-Ceremony Program   $400.00 (double occupancy) $500 (private room)

The special rates featured above have been made available to accommodate those who are working with a tight budget and to those who wish to apprentice our work for an extended period of time.



ChavinDawn of Eden® is the only fully licensed shamanic center in Iquitos that is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. The Dawn of Eden Church® is the only church in Peru dedicated to the transformation of human consciousness utilizing the sacred plants Ayahuasca and Huachuma as a sacrament.

Dan Reynolds, Dawn of Eden®