Shaman Denis Montes

My backstory regarding “The Calling” and being a Shaman


I am often asked what caused my decision to become a shaman. My answer is always simple, “The Calling.” I will explain this a bit because many of those who came to work at the ceremonies with me told me that they also experienced “The Calling” before their decision to involve ayahuasca in their lives. Something similar may be happening to you.

Jaguar Shaman Denis Montes

My name is Denis Montes, I am a chemical engineer by profession and I met Mother Ayahuasca in 2013 thanks to Dan Reynolds and since then my life changed completely in an incredibly positive way in every way.

Before I met Mother Ayahuasca I already had a wife and children and work but I still felt that something was missing to complete it 100%, I did different things with the intention of calming that lack of something like reading, working on small projects, going out in family but sometimes it was very frustrating not to be able to calm that affliction, there were even nights that I couldn’t sleep and that frustrated me more to the point that I started talking to my wife about it, because I just didn’t understand what was happening.

 But when I first took Ayahuasca in Dawn of Eden, the experience I lived was incredible and although it is not an easy process I finally felt that I had found what I had been looking for for years, I felt a peace, I felt as if I had returned to the I belong place.

Currently my oldest son accompanies us in ayahuasca and huachuma ceremonies. In this way my eldest son is beginning to prepare him as a Jaguar Warrior and Shaman.

Denis Montes Jaguar Shaman
My oldest son Gael Montes and I at Chavín de Huantar

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