Shamanic Healing in the Land of the Jaguars and total reconnection with the Jaguar

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This ceremony was SPECTACULAR, the best Ayahuasca I drank in almost 10 years of history that I have with Mother Ayahuasca.

This ceremony was special because we were going to drink a new production of Ayahuasca, obtained from a very fresh Ayahuasca, which was collected within the heart of the Peruvian jungle very close to Ecuador, brought to Iquitos through the waters of the Napo River.

The ceremony

The ceremony began normally, the entire process prior to drinking was carried out as usual.

After drinking the medicine I thought I would have to wait 20 to 25 minutes to feel the connection with the ayahuasca mother as it normally is, but no. After about 10 minutes passed, I began to feel that the medicine was beginning to take effect, it was a very good surprise, in addition to the omen that this Ayahuasca and the ceremony were going to be very strong and at the same time very beautiful.

Starting the connection

When I began to feel the connection with the Ayahuasca mother, it was different from what I had previously experienced in ceremonies, the colors with Shipibo art, the geometric figures, the image of the flower of life, the mandalas were not shown to me in the 2D plane, otherwise; in 3D.

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The energy running through my entire body was indescribable, all guided by the rhythm and frequency coming from the shamanic music.

The beginning of a wonderful experience

Before starting to tell this experience, I want to be clear in saying that words will be too short for me to describe what I saw and experienced. Having said this, let’s move on.

Mother Ayahuasca and my master Jaguar took me to a very special place, it was like a ceremonial maloca but I thought it had been built inside a cave, the walls and ceiling were made of tree trunks placed horizontally and vertically, creating a very beautiful effect and art.

The walls of this maloca were adorned with Shipibo art, with beautiful looms, you could also see very beautiful crafts.

In the center of the maloca I could see that there was like a bonfire, pieces of wood burning creating a fire that did not burn and did not produce smoke, this fire generated a warmth that sheltered you making you feel very comfortable and safe.

Seconds later I saw a shaman woman, by the way she was dressed I could tell that she belonged to the Shipibo tribe, she was preparing something, she was mixing plants with roots, all this to extract a very special substance.

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For a moment I thought we were only three people, my jaguar master, the shaman woman, and me, but no. Other people wearing typical costumes very different from those used by shipibo women entered the maloca, they spoke in a language that I could not understand.

At that moment I asked my jaguar master: “What are we doing here? Why did you bring me and what is this place? and he told me:

“We brought you to a very special place, you were never here, this is a very sacred place for us jaguar spirits, what the shaman woman is preparing is a very special medicine for you, this medicine will help you heal your mind , body and spirit that was contaminated by the time you stopped drinking Ayahuasca. As you may have noticed, our connection was greatly affected that we can no longer be united in the same body, that is why I am only by your side in ceremonies. This medicine will be the solution for that ”.

After he said that, the shaman woman came over and gave me to drink the medicine in a glass made of wood, it had no flavor but a dark brown color. After a few minutes I began to feel that my energy level increased, making me feel stronger and stronger, the lighting of the maloca was a bit dark and suddenly my body absorbed that darkness that was inside the maloca changing it for the light of the day.

At that moment I felt that my body was recovered, even being inside I could see the exterior of the maloca as if I had x-ray vision, what I saw is indescribable, as I said lines above I will try to do it, just by thinking about where it was located maloca mother Ayahuasca showed me that we were inside a huge tree and it was immensely large with a trunk so wide that a maloca could be built at its base.

Also outside the maloca I could see jaguars, many of them, the truth is I could not count them, they were simply too many, the landscape was too beautiful that I cannot describe it, but what I could tell is that it was a magical jungle, very special outside of this planet and I asked my master Jaguar: “Where are we?” He said:

“We are in a magical land, which we call the Land of the Jaguars, the divine jaguar spirits come to this place to heal our wounds and it does not exist on earth, you are in a different dimension, you are already a jaguar brother to us, as you are already healed and ready, we will begin to have our spiritual reconnection ”.

Spiritual reconnection, Jaguar with Shaman

After having heard what my master Jaguar said, I began to see that I was alone in the Amazon jungle and at night, in front of me, with the help of the moonlight I could see trees, many trees, suddenly they began to move and in front of my eyes a path opened.

I began to see and feel that my master Jaguar was approaching, he was walking towards me, missing a few meters to reach me, I saw how a kind of portal was created over my head, seconds later I felt an energy descends from this portal, it was the spirit of my master Jaguar, descending and uniting with me in one body, began from my crown and ended to the tips of my toes.

The reconnection was completed and the sensation was spectacular, to be able to feel what this divine spirit feels and thinks, the same thing happens with him, that is, he can smell, feel and touch everything that surrounds us through me.

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