Gulnaz and Elia

ayahuasca experiencias

I always felt if I gonna drink this medicine it’s gonna be in the mother-land of plant – into the Amazon. We found (I travel with my boyfriend) center Dawn of Eden in Iquitos... Read More

Kyle Ketchum

ayahuasca experiencia

When I found Dawn of Eden, I instinctively had a great feeling about the center. After speaking with Dan, learning about the Jaguar Temple of Transformation and reading testimonials from previous passengers, I knew I had found the place... Read More

Lukasa Chmielewski

ayahuasca experiencias

Ayahuasca was calling me and my wife, so we went to the heart of the experience which was Peru in Aug 2017, a trip that we will never forget and always be grateful for which brought us closer than ever before and transformed us in a way that we would not even have known about... Read More

Wyly Gray

ayahuasca experiencia

When I booked my workshop at the Dawn of Eden with the shamans of the Jaguar Temple of Transformation in April of 2019 for four ceremonies, it was with apprehension. Two years prior, I experienced my first 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies deep in the jungle outside the city of Iquitos with another center... Read More

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