The Ayahuasca Purge

19 (Copiar)Ayahuasca is frequently referred to as “La Purga” for its renowned transcendental purgative effects. Most “first timers” dread the purge but it is largely through this crucial process that Ayahuasca works her magic. It is the cleansing and purification process necessary to rid the mind and body of toxins and the negative, low-frequency energies that are otherwise blocking one’s connection to spirit.

The purge is more than a physical release; it’s an emotional, spiritual and psychological release as well. This life-changing process can result in a jettisoning of excess mental and emotional baggage and the elimination or re-alignment of debilitating belief systems. Diarrhea or profuse sweating can also be part of the purge.

Participants quickly grasp that aspects of their “little self” (their ego) that no longer serve them are being banished to a purge pail. This process of discarding negative or debilitating aspects of one’s little self is precisely what enables one to come into a greater alignment with their true nature, their authentic Higher Self. Chronic depression, addictions, anger issues, and a multitude of fears, anxieties and limiting belief systems can be vanquished in a single ceremony. For some, a few Ayahuasca ceremonies can be the equivalent of ten years of psychotherapy or disciplined meditation.

Purging may be part of every ceremony but the first ceremonies are typically more challenging in regard to this aspect of the work. As the elimination of the dense, low-frequency energies progresses, one gains greater access to a higher-frequency connection with the divine.

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