Ceremonial Maloca

In the ceremony, this humble ceremonial maloca becomes a bridge that connects our world with the spiritual world.

The ceremonial maloca is a sacred space used for the ayahuasca ceremony, an ancient and powerful ritual of the Amazonian indigenous tradition. In this context, the maloca is an environment specially designed and prepared to facilitate the experience of spiritual connection and healing that ayahuasca offers.

It has a high ceiling and a front door that allows the entrance and exit of the ceremony participants. The interior of the maloca is decorated with symbolic elements and indigenous art, such as paintings, textiles and sculptures, which evoke spirituality and connection with nature.

In the center of the maloca, a ceremonial altar is placed that represents the connection with the spiritual world. This altar is usually adorned with flowers, plants, crystals and sacred objects. In addition, candles, incense and traditional music are used to create an environment conducive to the introspective and transformative experience.

  • maloca ceremonial
  • maloca ceremonial

Ceremonial Mesa: Portal to the Divine

Through these hallowed spirit conduits, shamans can summon allies or channel healing and transformative energy for the healing and advancement of human consciousness.

The ceremonial table or altar in an ayahuasca maloca is a central element in the sacred space where the ceremony takes place. This table is carefully decorated and arranged to create an environment conducive to spiritual connection and transformative experience.

The mesa is usually located in the center of the maloca, representing the focal point of energy and the connection with the spiritual world. It can vary in size and shape, but is generally a raised, well-lit surface adorned with various sacred items.

Symbolic objects that represent the connection with nature, spirits and spiritual forces are placed on the altar. These items may include:

  1. Sacred plants.
  2. Crystals and stones.
  3. Spiritual iconography.
  4. Candles and incense.
  5. Offerings and personal items.

The ceremonial table or altar in an ayahuasca maloca is a sacred and respected space where the presence of spiritual forces is honored and an environment conducive to introspection, healing and personal transformation is created. Its design and decoration are carefully chosen to evoke a sense of reverence and connection to the divine.

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