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The Jaguar-Temple of Transformation

“This humble temple is a doorway to the heavens and a gateway to the gods.” 

Dawn of Eden’s Jaguar-Temple of Transformation has been consecrated by Egyptian gods and goddesses to accelerate the evolution of human consciousness. It serves as a spiritual crossroad between heaven and earth, and is the preeminent destination for those seeking to deepen their connection to spirit. This humble temple is a doorway to the heavens and a gateway to the gods.  


Approaching the temple’s main entrance, one sees the celestial, winged-disc, carved in blood wood, mounted above the doorway. This image, used extensively in Sumerian and Egyptian times, is sacred.

Inside the temple, a carved winged-scarab (denoting the Egyptian deity, Khepri) is mounted above the entrance to protect the ceremonial space.

A relaxed atmosphere can be highly beneficial to one’s Ayahuasca ceremony. Thus, a surround-sound system was installed in the temple. The system plays a special Hemi-Sync recording at a very low volume so it doesn’t interfere with the icaros being sung throughout the ceremony. This high-technology recording calms and relaxes participants while gently moving them into a focused, whole-brain state of consciousness to elevate their experiences in ceremony. This pleasing ambiance is further enhanced by the soothing sounds of flowing water from Dawn of Eden’s nearby waterfall.

Icarosthe Enchanting Magic Melodies

Icaros are shamanic songs that are sung or whistled during an Ayahuasca ceremony. Some icaros are used for protection. These are known as arcanas. Other icaros may be used to ratchet up the intensity of a ceremony or tone things down. There is an endless variety of healing icaros. And, there are specialty icaros to include those intended to provoke the purge and assist participants with the release of their emotional, psychological and spiritual blockages. Icaros truly are a magical art form, and they play an important role in the Ayahuasca ceremony. Shipibo women are typically invited to sing icaros during ceremonies at Dawn of Eden®. Their icaros are extraordinarily beautiful, and their feminine energy balances the ceremonial space.

While the temple is modest in size, visitors are quick to detect it’s an exceptional ceremonial space. The ever-present divine energy of the Egyptian deities is immediately apparent. As well, several shamanic mesas are in use; a principal mesa, a secondary mesa overseen by the goddess, Ma’at, and a central floor-mesa.

“Through these sanctified spiritual conduits, shamans can summon allies or channel healing and transformational energy for the advancement of human consciousness.”

A mesa can best be understood as a technology used in ancient shamanic arts. With a mesa, it’s possible to access spiritual realms through a collection of sacred power objects imbued with unseen energetic forces. As such, mesas are powerful shamanic tools for creating portals to the divine. Through these sanctified spiritual conduits, shamans can summon allies or channel healing and transformational energy for the advancement of human consciousness.

The principal and secondary mesas function as such portals. They pass powerful transcendental energies into the ceremonial space. Even so, their service as energy conduits is augmented appreciably by the Horus-Eye. Made of blood wood, the ceiling-mounted Horus-Eye, requested by Horus, is activated automatically with the opening of the principal mesa. It serves as a quintessential stairway to heaven in so far as celestial energies are concerned. However, in the case of the Horus-Eye, it’s a two-way channel that’s initiated. Heavenly energies flow through the Horus-Eye but the divine nature of the ceremony taking place in the temple is beamed back into the Universe.



The floor-mesa, likewise, serves as an otherworldly portal. Additionally, it functions as the nucleus of an energy matrix and distribution hub central to the temple. It’s largely composed of selenite swords positioned like spokes on a wheel to radiate energy to participants seated in every direction. Selenite is a gemstone with fifth-dimensional light energy. It purifies and energetically cleanses the ceremonial space and all within it. These amazing swords surround a selenite obelisk, and two selenite ankhs, which serve as the fundamental axis of the mesa. They sit on top of a selenite flower-of-life which further amplifies the energies. This unique floor-mesa is powerful in its own right. It also harnesses and brings intelligent order to the large volume of energy flowing from the portals. Its contribution to Dawn of Eden® ceremonies cannot be overstated.

About Mapacho

The spirit of Mapacho is an extraordinary shamanic ally. This sacred tobacco is totally organic. It is grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides and does not contain any of the toxic additives found in commercial cigarettes. Mapacho is used extensively in Peruvian shamanism (in both Ayahuasca and Huachuma ceremonies). It is used to provide protection for individual participants and for the ceremonial space. It is used to open participants to receive positive energies and seal participants from negative energies. Mapacho is also a powerful means to convey intention. While acknowledging that many people have an aversion to tobacco smoke, we respectively request those participating in shamanic ceremonies at Dawn of Eden, embrace Mapacho as a sacred ally during the course of their ceremonial work.

To assist in keeping the temple sanctified, everyone must have their energy field cleansed with the sacred incense Palo Santo. This is a routine part of the ceremonial proceedings.




Chavin de HuantarAn earlier Jaguar-Temple of Transformation exists in Peru from the pre-Inca culture of Chavin dating to around 1200 BCE. This ancient Jaguar-Temple, located in the Mountain Village of Chavin de Huantar, also operated as a spiritual crossroad between heaven and earth. However, the Chavin Jaguar-Shamans used the sacred-medicine plant Huachuma, rather than Ayahuasca as a sacrament. The Dawn of Eden® Temple is connected to this ancient site by virtue of several artifacts on its principal and secondary mesas.

You can see more (and larger) photos of the temple by visiting The Jaguar-Temple of Transformation Gallery.

Essential to Jaguar-Temple of Transformation ceremonies are the Jaguar-Shamans. You can learn about The Jaguar-Shamans Next.

The selenite swords featured in Dawn of Eden’s floor mesa are shamanic energy tools of the highest-order. They are hand-crafted by Tom Ledder a member of the Jaguar Brotherhood. Those interested, may learn more about these swords through Tom’s website:

If you resonate with the Dawn of Eden® Project, but are unable to participate directly, the initiative could benefit greatly from your one-time contribution or monthly tithing. No offering is too small to make a difference, and your generosity will not go unnoticed.

ChavinDawn of Eden® is the only fully licensed shamanic center in Iquitos that is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. The Dawn of Eden Church® is the only church in Peru dedicated to the transformation of human consciousness utilizing the sacred plants Ayahuasca and Huachuma as a sacrament.

Dan Reynolds, Dawn of Eden®