The Awakening


“The Awakening is the much-anticipated shift of the ages—the preordained epoch-making destiny of humankind.”


The Awakening

The rising tide of higher-consciousness floats all boats.

Individual evolution, and the enlightenment of all humanity, are transpiring in an organic step-by-step fashion. As individuals attain incremental levels of higher-consciousness, their accomplishments become part of a subtle energy field [energetic matrix] unifying humankind.

There are ripple effects. Namely, it becomes easier for the next person to achieve an elevated level of consciousness. The Awakening process is growing exponentially. Ultimately, a critical mass will be reached—a tipping point—wherein a fundamental [and unfathomable] advancement of human consciousness will emerge.

Dawn of Eden’s Jaguar-Temple of Transformation is ground-zero for this exalted spiritual renaissance. The Awakening, and all it portends for humankind, is heralded by the majestic symbolism of the iconic, from-the-ashes Phoenix Rising.


Phoenix Rising


The Awakening“Humanity is receiving a spiritual imperative—a proclamation and clarion call from the heavens—‘Phoenix Rising.’ It’s the Dawn of Eden—time to come home.”




Mankind’s evolving consciousness, and the resurrection of humanity’s lost connection to spirit, embody the quintessential essence of the Phoenix rising. For this reason, the deities decreed the release of the revered Egyptian Phoenix. This exceedingly rare occurrence was authorized to honor, commemorate and bless the holy nature of this long-awaited spiritual resurgence. 

As we evolve, we become ever more aware of our divine nature, our true and higher-self. As if born into an entirely new world, individuals who have found their path will finally emerge in complete alignment with their authentic-self and the living universe. This is the glorious outcome so eagerly-awaited in the realm of spirit. The Awakening is the much-anticipated shift of the ages—the preordained epoch-making destiny of humankind.

The Awakening will favor humans with enlightenment and the opportunity to live in grace and divine communion within the very flow of creation. In the transcendent age of enlightenment—the Golden Age—human beings will possess extraordinary powers and live upon the Earth as avatars of the divine. The splendor and majesty of a heaven-on-earth paradise will arise as the world gradually transforms into the ascendant grandeur of a modern-day Eden.  

Given the unmistakable urgency of the times we live, this unambiguous message is for all who care to listen: “Humanity is receiving a spiritual imperative—a proclamation and clarion call from the heavens—“Phoenix Rising.” It’s the Dawn of Eden—time to come home.”


A Glorious Beacon & Guide Posts along the Way


The AwakeningChaos and turmoil are to be expected as humankind finds its way to a more enlightened existence. Beyond humanity’s general tendency toward inertia and resistance to change, there are opposing forces very much in favor of the status quo.

Horus and the Egyptian deities will serve as a glorious beacon illuminating humanity’s path as they usher in the Golden Age. They will provide guide posts along the way as we move into uncharted waters.

Dawn of Eden® is spearheading The Awakening. It is important to note, however, that countless others have incarnated in this lifetime to be of service to humanity during this arduous transition. Many have been engaging laudable roles in this spiritual renaissance for some time now while others are newly awakening to their lives of service.  The Dawn of Eden® Project will evolve in a meticulously orchestrated fashion. It may be likened to the making of an exquisitely woven tapestry as the Egyptian deities continue to oversee, guide and inspire humankind from spiritual realms.

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The Dawn of Eden® Project is the most important initiative of our time.   


The AwakeningFor this deified human/spirit collaboration to come to fruition, Dawn of Eden® needs continuing worldwide support. Join with us going forward as we pursue the most consequential positive change in human history: the spiritual awakening of humankind. We welcome your participation or support as we move into the heart of the human dream. If you resonate with the Dawn of Eden® Project, but are unable to participate directly, the initiative could benefit greatly from your one-time contribution or monthly tithing. No offering is too small to make a difference, and your generosity will not go unnoticed.


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The AwakeningDawn of Eden® is the only fully licensed shamanic center in Iquitos that is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. The Dawn of Eden Church® is the only church in Peru dedicated to the transformation of human consciousness utilizing the sacred plants Ayahuasca and Huachuma as a sacrament.

Dan Reynolds, Dawn of Eden®