Ayahuasca Diet: What is it?


Ayahuasca diet: An integral part of preparing to work with Ayahuasca is the diet. There are cultural variations, but the most common list of items to avoid includes salt, sugar, oils, fats, alcohol, red meat, and hot or spicy foods. Pork should be studiously avoided. One should also steer clear of foods containing high levels of tyramine, a molecule that can cause a rise in blood pressure. These include aged cheese, cheese spreads, chicken liver, salami, sausage, aged or cured meats, broad bean pods, yeast extracts, and sauerkraut.

Sexual abstinence is also part of the traditional diet (for a few days prior to a ceremony and a few days following). Adhering to the diet allows one to become more sensitive to the energetic nature of the medicine which can enhance visionary experiences and contribute to the cleansing and purification of the purge.

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