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Welcome to the Dawn of Eden

The Dawn Of Eden

We are living in an unparalleled age of spiritual transformation with humanity poised at the threshold of a quantum leap in the evolution of human consciousness. These are auspicious times because as human beings we possess an innate evolutionary impulse to evolve—a mysterious, spiritual urge to become one with our authentic self.

Those following their evolutionary impulse will ultimately reach a critical mass and a new cultural paradigm will unfold. As if born into a new world, individuals who have found their path will emerge in complete alignment with their authentic self and the living universe. This amounts to a fundamental change on an individual level—a radical shift from one way of being to another. Humanity is moving into the heart of the human dream. It is the Dawn of Eden.

The darkness before the dawn

The materialistic-world we have known is coming to an end to make way for something new—a world with spiritual underpinnings. While it is possible for such an evolution to take place gradually, at this stage it is more likely the existing paradigm will simply collapse. This is particularly so given humanity’s overall tendency toward inertia and resistance to change. Should this happen, chaos and turmoil will most likely dominate this critical transition before humanity finds its way to a more enlightened existence.

In service to humanity

Many have incarnated with a higher purpose of service to humanity during this transition. It’s important such individuals develop and maintain their connection to spirit in whatever manner they feel guided. Dawn of Eden’s® transformational work is tailored to individuals who desire a greater alignment with their authentic self and those awakening to a higher purpose of service.

The world desperately needs a more enlightened humanity so the Dawn of Eden® Project may be the most important initiative of our time. Perhaps we will be assisting you in your own quest for spiritual evolution as we move into the heart of the human dream. We welcome your participation

ChavinDawn of Eden® is the only fully licensed shamanic center in Iquitos that is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. The Dawn of Eden Church® is the only church in Peru dedicated to the transformation of human consciousness utilizing the sacred plants Ayahuasca and Huachuma as a sacrament.

Dan Reynolds, Dawn of Eden®

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